A lease break is a process in which a tenant and a landlord dismiss the agreement of a lease before the date of expiration. Through a lease break process in Chicago, your landlord withdraws the lease with you as the existing tenant and signs the contract of the new lease with a new tenant. In this condition, you no longer have any possession on the rental property, and you won’t have to pay the rental fees. Lease break in Chicago can be a hectic process, but hiring a proficient lawyer can help you solve all the relevant problems. Let’s check out more in the upcoming passages.

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What is a lease break and how can you break the lease?

The landlord won’t let you break your lease rather he or she only needs to transfer your lease to another tenant, and that depends on your state. That is why landlords charge higher rates so you break the lease. These fees cover from one month to three months of rental session.

If you are in a situation in which you can’t or you don’t want to pay for the rent on your apartment while also you think breaking the lease is the right option for you, you need to talk to your landlord. You should explain the situation to him/her and ask him/her if they can facilitate the policy on lease breaks.

Bad landlords make the tenants suffer a lot. However, in Chicago, you will come across some of the best tenant protection laws. If you need any help about this, talk to a trusted lawyer. They have the knowledge and the skill so you can easily get a solution. Therefore, if you are in any problem regarding lease break, talk to a trusted lawyer.

Here is how to break a lease in Chicago and how a lawyer can help you throughout this procedure.

Sublet any time

A landlord should let a tenant enter a sublet charging no penalty. The main lease will last under the existing tenant’s name until the termination date. If the subtenant causes a mess in the apartment, the first tenant has to cover the expense. The existing tenant will get the part of the security deposit he owns when the subtenant leaves. Several landlords are friendly enough to do the inspection of the rental property. Also, they return the security deposit and then they let the subtenant take over the rental property. Sometimes they also sign a fresh lease.

The apartment in re-rent

This option involves a lower risk, but it can be harsh on a tenant. In this situation, you need to end the existing lease and the landlord needs to do the preparation. He/she needs to find a new tenant to lease the rental property. According to the Chicago law, the landlord can go for searching another tenant when the existing tenant offers a notice of his plans. 

Also, there are other ways you can break a lease and don’t forgetto consult an experienced lawyer. He/she can help you fix all the relevant problems.

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