Regular abdominal pain is not a good sign. And if you are currently experiencing this problem, then it’s important that you take the necessary step to detect the issue as soon as possible.

However, many women, when they experience these types of problems, prefer self-diagnosis over seeking proper medical care. They think they could easily find out the issue using the information available on the internet. But when it comes to detecting a health problem that is affecting your bodily functions and daily activities, the last thing you want is a misdiagnosis. A misdiagnosis can lead to incorrect treatment, resulting in no improvement in your health condition at all.

So, it’s wise to see a Gynecologist Geneva (a.k.a. Gynecologue Geneve). Only an experienced gynecologist can detect the exact problem and suggest you the best treatment.

In this article, we are going to tell you the reasons why you should seek medical care immediately if you are having regular abdominal pain. Consider going through the full post properly to know more in this regard.


Possible Causes of Regular Abdominal Pain in Women

Here are some possible reasons why you might be having regular abdominal pain:

1. Endometriosis

It is a condition when one may experience pain, as well as difficulty getting pregnant. It’s a painful disorder that requires the right treatment at the right time. This condition involves tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus being grown outside the uterus. It can be present in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, abdomen, etc.

2. Cystitis

It is a disorder that involves inflammation in the bladder. It can cause pain. It often causes an increase in the frequency in urination as well. A bacterial infection is often the root cause of the problem. It can be treated with antibiotics. Nevertheless, it must be treated in a timely manner so that it can’t affect kidneys or other internal organs.

3. Uterine Fibroids

Fibroids are common gynecological tumors that can be painful. Though there is no risk of developing cancer associated with them, these tumors can make it difficult for you to get pregnant.

How can a Gynecologist help?

As I said earlier, a gynecologist will detect the exact problem that is causing the abdominal pain. Gynecologists use advanced methods and tools to detect the problem accurately. For example, endometriosis is often confirmed using ultrasound and/or MRI. However, you must choose the right gynecologist who you can freely share your problems with. If you don’t have time to find out experienced gynecologists near you, consider reading the concluding passage.

Gynecologue Geneve

Gynecologists in Geneva

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